The NCC Moments project created 90 one-minute, broadcast-quality segments for use
by radio stations and other media to highlight the rich history, traditions, people and performances
of the 86-year history of the North Central Conference.

Click below to listen to each segment in mp3 format.

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North Dakota State

Women's Basketball Success (WBB)

Women's Basketball history (WBB)

Krauth Family (WBB, SB)

Women's Basketball player honors (WBB)

1991 NCAA Softball Championship (SB)

Women's Track & Field history (TF)

Debby Volkers (TF)

Lance Berwald 20 of 20 from field (MBB)

Jeff Gross (TF)

Men's Track & Field history (TF)

2000 Volleyball (VB)

Men's national championships (FB, WR, CC)

2005 Wrestling (WR)

Volleyball history (VB)


Wrestling history (WR)

 Minnesota State

Football player honors (FB)

Lisa Walters (WBB)

Football history (FB)

Jim Dilling (TF)


Baseball Success (BS)

Northern Colorado

Amanda Frame (TF)

Tennis history, Rosemary Fri (TN)

MSU Defeats NDSU Football (FB)

Football history, Joe Glenn (FB)

Carlos Proano (TN)

Linda Delk (VB)

1988 NCAA Men's Cross Country Championships (CC)

Corte McGuffey (FB)


Volleyball history (VB)



Paul Splittorff (BS)

St. CloudState

Mike King (BS)

Sarah Loquai (SD)

Dave Schlesser (MBB)

Pat McCarthy (TF)

A.G. Kruger (TF)

Ryan Koch (TF, FB)

Meredith Davis (TF)

Men's tennis history (TN)

Notre Dame visits Morningside (FB)

Becky Anderson (TF)


Reggie Perkins (MBB)


Erika Quigley (WBB)

UNO/NDSU sets attendance record (VB)


Volleyball has three All-Americans (VB)

South Dakota

NCAA Soccer Championship (SOC)

Mandy Koupal (WBB)

Les Sigman (WR)

Stefan Logan (FB)

UNO claims NCC title in front of 5,200 (MBB)

1958 Men's Basketball NCAA championship (MBB)

1991 NCAA Wrestling Championship (WR)

1997 NCAA Men's Cross Country champ. (CC)

2004 NCAA Wrestling Championship (WR)

Elena Swan (TF)

2005 NCAA Wrestling Championship (WR)

Steve Gordon (TF)

2006 NCAA Wrestling Championship (WR)

Women's Track & Field success (TF)

1991 NCAA Volleyball Championship (VB)

Turner Trofholz (MBB)

UNO & NDSU meet in football championship (FB)

1902 Football team (FB)

Ed Thompson (FB)


Justin Kammrad (FB)

South Dakota State


Women's Cross Country history (CC)

North Dakota

Baseball history (BS)

Phil Jackson (MBB)

Jim Sutton (MBB)

UND sweeps NDSU (VB)

2003 Women's and 1963 Men's Basketball Champ.

Mike Rerick strikes out 21 (BS)

Melissa Pater (WBB)

Swimming & Diving success (SW)

Chad Lamer/Anne Westby (WR, TR)

Women's basketball players (WBB)

Josh Ranek (FB)

Pudenz sisters (WBB)

Jim Langer (FB)

Women's basketball success (WBB)

Cross Country NCAA championships (CC)

Football success (FB)

Garry Bentley (CC)



Minnesota Duluth

North Central Conference

Volleyball Success (VB)

NCC Football history (FB)

Sharing of NCC Football Title (FB)

Beginning history






Women's Basketball success


Evolution of women's athletics